A Michigan Dental Fraternity May Have Vandalized A Michigan State Statue

Remember last week when a Michigan fan left a $3,000 tip to a random Utah cocktail waitress? Keep that in mind for proof that not all Wolverine fans are idiots, as yet again a Michigan State Spartan statue outside of the teams’ football stadium has been vandalized by Michigan fans.

This is the third time in recent memory that Michigan fans have vandalized the statue, also defacing it in April and back in 2013. But it’s not as if State fans are completely innocent in all this, as they have a history of defacing some Michigan property, as well.

The prevailing thought process tends to be that the vandalism is coming from an initiation process, and while it was allegedly a fraternity who a vandalized the statue this time around, it’s not the one you would expect… the Greek letters for the frat Alpha Omega were spray-painted onto the statue, but Alpha Omega at Michigan is in fact a dental fraternity.

Defacing a statue is obviously dumb and stupid, and Alpha Omega should be reprimanded if they are indeed found responsible, but the real question here is whether dental frats really have to go through hazing and initiation. As someone who dreads going to the dentist more than just about anything in the world, that sounds like it could have terrifying possibilities.