The Best Reactions To Michigan State’s Miraculous Last-Second Win Over Michigan

Michigan State v Michigan
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Michigan and Michigan State’s battle at the Big House on Saturday ended with an epic finish on the game’s final play and, when a game ends like this, of course the Internet is going to have a lot to say about it immediately. It’s only natural to have some strong reactions.

Maybe you’re really excited because you beat your rival!

Maybe you’re stunned because, you know, your squad just absolutely blew it.

What’s most important, though, is that if you’re a State fan, you take the time to tell your opponent good game in a very sporting way. Or not, you could do that too, I guess.

One of the best things about the internet is that you can celebrate (or mourn) with fans across the country. Make sure you check up on one another because, well, that was a pretty crazy game, wasn’t it?

At the very least, you want to be sure you understand the game situation, what coaches might call down and distance. Nobody punishes preemptive celebrations quite like the gods of college football.

Or preemptive game stories, for that matter.

All in all, it’s most important to remember that this is just a game. An amazing, incredible, heart-stopping-finish of a game that may divide families across the state of Michigan and around the country, but still just a game. Football is an awesome sport that can create the most memorable moments of your life but it’s still just a game. Try and have some fun with it.