This Sobbing Michigan Fan Took The Devastating Loss To MSU Worse Than Most

10.19.15 3 years ago 5 Comments
michigan fan


By now, you’ve certainly seen the insane way that Michigan State beat Michigan on the final play Saturday to stay undefeated. We’ve already seen the crazy Twitter reaction, heard the radio calls from UM and Michigan State, saw the erroneous TV report that jumped the gun on a Wolverines victory, and even saw an unfortunate instance of a man suffering a heart attack due to Michigan’s collapse.

While this fan above didn’t suffer a heart attack, he perhaps suffered an even worse fate: Becoming a viral video. With a few exasperated “OH MY GOD!” screams,  and some salty, salty tears, the Wolverine fan above will live in internet infamy forever after he was caught crying after the game, presumably by a terrible friend.

As a self-proclaimed Michigan fan myself, I get it, I really do. My reaction was less on the crying side and more on the “I’m going to throw my TV out of the fourth floor of my apartment building” side, but we’re in the same boat. I can’t think of a worst possible way to lose a regular-season game. I have no doubt that this is only a minor blip in the long standing success that the Fightin’ Harbaughs will have in the next decade, but that doesn’t make it any easier in the moment, so I feel his pain.

With all of that said, it’s 2015, man. You can’t just openly weep like that after a sporting event and NOT expect it to end up online.

Just another way that MSU fans can rub salt in the wound.

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