Miguel Angel Jimenez Is Back, And More Stretched Out Than Ever

Back in July of 2011, we posted a video of Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez’s borderline erotic, hypnotically fascinating warm-up routine. It wasn’t a viral smash (nobody “did the Miguel Angel Jimenez” for a week or anything) but it was a wonderful piece of film to watch. Guy is basically touching his junk to the ground in a squat, playing a sport and smoking a cigar at the same time. Just wonderful.

Now, thanks to some forward-thinking gent at Golf Monthly, comes a head-on look at The Miguel Angel Jimenez, explained from the mouth of the man himself. He does his golf yoga, his “little dancing move” and practically jams a golf club up his ass, and yes, he starts off the clip with a cigar in his hand. If there are three things Miguel Angel Jimenez loves, it’s (1) golf (2) smoking (3) EXTREME LIMBERNESS.

Video is after the jump, if you dare.

He’s like the old, Spanish, golfing Michelle Jenneke. I love it.

[h/t to Shane Bacon]

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