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This story has been floating around the Internet for a couple days, but this is the first we’ve seen of the audio and video cut together: on Sunday, Mike Blowers, the Mariners’ former third baseman who now calls M’s games for Seattle’s KIRO with Hall of Fame announcer Dave Niehaus, predicted before the game that rookie Matt Tuiasosopo would hit his first major league home run. But that wasn’t a specific enough prediction: Blowers said that it would come in Tuiasosopo’s second at-bat, on a fastball thrown on a 3-1 pitch, into the second deck in left-centerfield.

Every bit of that prediction came true.

There really aren’t words that express how amazing this is. This is the rare wondrous slice of pro sports that is unsullied by steroids, or spoiled athletes, or million dollar contracts, or allegations of rape whatever it was consensual she’s just trying to get rich off a settlement. Just listen to Niehaus go bananas when Tuiasosopo connects and enjoy.

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