Mike Dunleavy Has Something To Say About That Whole NBA/NHL Toughness Debate

On Wednesday, our pals at Deadspin ran a piece about how the people behind memes that compare injured players from different sports are idiots, because calling Rich Peverley tough for almost dying on the bench and then wanting to get back into the game in state of confusion has nothing to do with LeBron James having to be helped off the court after a leg cramp. Last time I checked, cramps f*cking hurt, and I’m not a doctor, so when I get one in my leg or calf, I sincerely believe my leg is exploding. But sports fans will be sports fans, and of course a hockey vs. basketball debate broke out on Deadspin’s Facebook post, and you should read it if you’d like to lose all faith in humanity.

But while people continue to argue about this crap while missing the real difference between toughness and reckless personal endangerment, Mike Dunleavy was out there reminding everyone that there are indeed tough guys in the NBA. The Chicago Bulls small forward took an elbow to the face from Chandler Parsons last night and had to leave the court with blood spurting everywhere so he could get some stitches and undergo the mandatory concussion exam. What happened next should at least earn a little respect from Johnny Muscle Fist Toothless Smile Hockey Fan.

Dunleavy passed his test and eventually returned to the game with stitches, and he proceeded to light the Houston Rockets up for 18 points in the 3rd quarter. He’d finish the game with 21, but the Bulls wouldn’t need any more out of their star Cyclops as they defeated the Rockets 111-87.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)