Washington State Coach Mike Leach Gave His Thoughts On The Existence Of Bigfoot And Aliens

09.05.17 10 months ago

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Washington State coach Mike Leach’s brain comprehends information on a level above what most mortals can reach. The sentences “Famous among fans for his fascination with 18th-century pirates such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack” and “he has researched topics such as Native American leader Geronimo, American pioneer Daniel Boone, grizzly bears, chimpanzees, whales, and American artist Jackson Pollock” appear on his Wikipedia page, because Leach is more than a football coach whose goofy offense was made for #Pac12AfterDark — he is a legitimately fascinating person who refuses to conform to the norms that usually mold football coaches.

For example, when Leach met with the media in Pullman earlier this week he said a whole bunch of crazy stuff about Bigfoot, aliens, and god. Let’s take a listen to the Leach’s incredible musings.

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