Washington State Coach Mike Leach Gave His Thoughts On The Existence Of Bigfoot And Aliens

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Washington State coach Mike Leach’s brain comprehends information on a level above what most mortals can reach. The sentences “Famous among fans for his fascination with 18th-century pirates such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack” and “he has researched topics such as Native American leader Geronimo, American pioneer Daniel Boone, grizzly bears, chimpanzees, whales, and American artist Jackson Pollock” appear on his Wikipedia page, because Leach is more than a football coach whose goofy offense was made for #Pac12AfterDark — he is a legitimately fascinating person who refuses to conform to the norms that usually mold football coaches.

For example, when Leach met with the media in Pullman earlier this week he said a whole bunch of crazy stuff about Bigfoot, aliens, and god. Let’s take a listen to the Leach’s incredible musings.

FIRST, let us discuss his comments on Bigfoot. Leach gave a very direct and well-thought-out response to why he is skeptical to the existence of the beast — namely that humans have never found the bones of Bigfoot. This implies, to me at least, that Leach has spent a not insignificant amount of time debating the existence of Bigfoot, which is the least surprising thing this side of Texas A&M blowing a massive lead to UCLA.

Next up, Leach dives into aliens. This answer is a bit longer, either because he has not thought it out as much or because his thoughts on the matter are more complex than his thoughts on Bigfoot. Leach goes on the record saying he does not know that they are “little green men” and that he does not know “if they’re specifically in our galaxy.”

He ends by getting extremely philosophical in his defense of “aliens exist.” Leach invokes god, wondering why a god-like figure would only create an earth-like planet upon which life can survive here. The words “lightning” and “mud” pops up a few times. He also clarifies that he does not necessarily believe that aliens would be hostile figures that try to take over humanity, and that he feels like humans being alone in the universe is more of a stretch than aliens existing.

Leach is known for having an unconventional approach to football, one that involves being ultra aggressive and getting into frequent shootouts. While we have a lot of information to support this statement, this further proves that Leach has an unconventional approach to just about everything else.