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Did you know that inter inner-city gang members wear MLB caps to signify their allegiance to a certain group?  Sociologists refer to these affilations expressed through wardrobe choice as "colors".

“It has been brought to our attention that some combinations of icons and colors on a select number of our caps could be too closely perceived to be in association with gangs,” said Christopher H. Koch, CEO of New Era Cap. “In response, we, along with Major League Baseball, have pulled those caps.”

Wow, I had no idea.  Or else I forget it like 15 years ago when everybody else in the country noticed it.  It's good to know that the ignorance of steroid abuse wasn't an isolated incident – MLB is just a couple of decades behind on everything.

The team was “completely unaware that caps with gang-related logos and colors had been manufactured with the New York Yankees logo on them,” said a Yankees statement . . . Richard Garcia, a karate instructor who works with Peace on the Street to provide youngsters with alternatives to gangs, said . . . “My fear was that the wrong kid was going to wear the wrong hat in the wrong neighborhood and get hurt." 

Yeah, like when you're a drunken mick wearing a White Sox hat who an unscrupulous cab driver has dropped off on 63rd Street on the South Side of Chicago.  You want to avoid that situation, unless you particularly enjoy having cigars being put out on your forearms. -KD

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