MLB Mascots Are Using Twitter To Try To Nail Mr. Met's Wife

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03.11.14 11 Comments

Yesterday we introduced you to the underwhelming @MrMet Twitter account, your social media destination for a guy who loves the New York Mets and also has a baseball for a head. His initial tweets were just, “hey, I’m on Twitter,” and we worried that it was all a scam. “This can’t really be Mr. Met,” we opined. “He’ll manipulate baseball fans into following him, accidentally tweet a dick pic and reveal himself as a Jimmy Kimmel prank.”

The good news is that the @MrMet account appears to be legit. The bad news? The other MLB mascots on Twitter are using Mr. Met’s presence to try to f*ck his wife.

If you aren’t familiar with Mrs. Met, she’s one of Major League Baseball’s oldest mascots and also basically just Mr. Met with a wig for girls. The AL Central appears to be EXTREMELY familiar with her, though, according to this probably-innocent yell still really sexualized conversation between anthropomorphic foam-and-fur manthings:

Shut down, Sluggerrr tweeted that “he tried” and posted the video for Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again.’ Cleveland Indians mascot Slider had another approach:


A little later Slider posted a picture of himself with Mr. and Mrs. Met, creating one of two theories:

1. He’s sorry for pretending to want to nail Mrs. Met on Twitter and is making nice, or
2. Mr. Met is a cuckold. Or a swinger?

You decide:

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