Watch An MMA Fighter Spray Pee At His Opponent During Their Weigh-In

Kiko Matos and Baron Heisler don’t like each other very much. The two were involved in a brawl at a bar, the video of which has since gone viral. Capitalizing on the fiasco, URCC founder Alvin Aguilar set up an MMA exhibition fight — only two rounds — between the arch enemies for Saturday, June 25, in Manila, Philippines.

During a weigh-in on Friday, Matos concealed a spray bottle full of urine behind his back. Right after the photo op, Matos unleashed a spray bottle full of the yellow liquid and began pegging Heisler in the face with it.

“Baron, drink my piss,” he said.

Fight officials attempted to wrestle the bottle of wee-wee away from Matos, but he was able to shoot off a few more rounds of the golden stuff. After the urinary incident, Matos and Heisler began jawing at each other, almost coming to blows.

On June 21, at a press conference, Heisler kissed Matos when the two were in close proximity of one another. Reporters asked Matos if the pee-spraying was in retaliation of that offense.

After the bladder-juice incident, Matos said:

It’s like this, you have to be first. You might get beaten to it. I just beat him to it. He got to me first with the kiss, right? So whatever he does, at least I was able to think of an idea.

Neither man has had formal MMA training, and their bout is more or less of the freak-show variety. MMA can be a strange sphere, but this just takes physical peculiarity to a whole new level.

(Via Rappler)