MMA Has A PED Scandal Brewing, LOL

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08.23.10 9 Comments

It’s almost unfair how much attention the media and especially the government have given performance-enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball when there are other sporting leagues and organizations desperately in need of congressional intervention. I mean, how many NBA players have to be busted smoking the pot before the Vatican and Interpol organize a hard target investigation? But today’s latest PED scandal is in the world of mixed martial arts, as some fighters are apparently using canned oxygen as the spinach to their Popeye.

For example, the latest culprits are Muhammed “King Mo” Luwal and KJ Noons, who very openly used compressed oxygen during their respective fights at Strikeforce: Houston on Saturday night. Noons was victorious over his opponent Jorge Gurgel, which would lead us to believe that cheaters always win. Unfortunately, King Mo bucked that trend by losing his light heavyweight title after Rafael Cavalcante scored the TKO in the third round. I know, I know. I totally had King Mo in my Strikeforce: Houston pool this weekend, too. What a letdown.

Put me in a rear naked choke, Fightlinker:

What’s so bad about oxygen during a fight, I mean don’t we breathe the sh*t everyday? Well pure or nearly pure oxygen makes it so people can climb Mount Everest or swim 300 feet underwater… kinda super human achievements wouldn’t you say? Oxygen is forbidden inside the cage and until recently banned by the World Anti Doping Agency.

Canned oxygen is actually banned in every professional sport, but Strikeforce: Houston doesn’t really test its fighters for PEDs, and apparently nobody cares when the organization’s fighters are caught openly using the banned substances on live television. But just because we love celebrating cheaters who lose, here’s video of King Mo being rewarded for using a banned substance:

Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of MMA and are moving to the greater Orlando, FL area soon, these guys may have just the deal for you and your love of roughhousing. How can you beat that sweet deal?

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