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Molly Oberstar is a 20-year-old figure skater from Duluth who is vying for the national title at the U.S Figure Skating Championships.  She also happens to be attractive: she’s one of 12 finalists for Mpls. St. Paul Magazine’s “Real Model” contest.  And in a day when so many athletes never show us their true selves, Molly is refreshingly candid:

I have physical attributes that would qualify me to be a real model. I am 5-feet-8-inches tall with a slender build that is toned by fifteen years of competing in the sport of figure skating. My eyes are large, my lips full, my legs long. Many have told me that I should be a model. Some have even told me that I have an exotic, European look.

I can already hear the ugly people bitching about that.  That’s not her being full of herself, that’s fact.  Fact: she’s 5’8″.  Fact: her eyes are large.  Fact: her lips are full and her legs are long.  Fact: your pants are unzipped.

Listen, attractive people like Molly and me shouldn’t have to apologize for what God gave us, okay?  Do you think I enjoy this burden of having an electric smile and great hair and a huge penis?  Well, actually, I do.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not still a burden.

[Story: Randball; Images: flickr and pbase]

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