Mookie Betts Got A Whole Face Full Of Fenway Park On This Brutal Collision

Red Sox center fielder and noted speed demon Mookie Betts had a scary run-in (literally) with an outfield wall at Fenway Park on Friday night in Boston. While attempting to chase down a second inning fly ball off the bat of Toronto’s Justin Smoak, Betts went hard into the short bullpen wall in right centerfield, smacking his face hard off the railing.

Betts quickly popped back to his feet and initially stayed in the game, but was later replaced and, ultimately, diagnosed with a lower back strain by Red Sox team doctors.

Looking at the slow-mo replay, it seems like Betts will be pretty lucky if that remains the extent of the damage from the brutal collision. Faces are not supposed to be smushed like that.

(Via NESN)