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With not nearly enough athletes in the police blotter today, I'm forced to turn toward Yankees money pitcher Carl Pavano and the hot chick that broke up with him right before Opening Day.  Specifically, the word is that, as The Big Lead insinuated last week, she got pregnant before they broke up (item in Side Dish):

Allemand, who accused Pavano of "cheating" on her, also admitted she'd been seeing a former boyfriend "on and off for six years." Steppin' Out interviewer Chaunce] Hayden tells us Allemand also confirmed that she became pregnant while seeing Pavano. Is she still expecting? "That's something only Gia and God know," says Hayden. "And maybe Carl."

This reminds me of the time in the preseason where Pavano missed some time with the club because he rushed back to see Allemand, who had some kind of undisclosed "medical emergency."

So many possibilities here.  Like, she could have had appendicitis.  Or a really bad case of the flu.  Or she fell and thought she broke her wrist, but really it was just a sprain.  Or… um… nope, I can't think of anything else.

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