Defining A Decade: The Most Memorable ’90s Sports Moment Tournament

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The NCAA Tournament is nearly upon us, and we’ve got ​bracket fever!

Today, we’re looking back on the 1990s, a decade in which everyone had the same set of enduring sports memories, before the Internet splintered our culture into an endless series of insular communities. If you lived through these moments, you remember them well.

We’ve narrowed the field to 16 moments to get us started. Over the next couple days, vote for which ones stand out the most in your mind. The round of eight will begin on Thursday, March 17!

(Illustrations by Dave Rappoccio; Words by Matt Rothstein)


No. 1 O.J. Simpson’s Bronco Chase (1994)

It was only a “sports” moment in that it involved a former athlete, but you could also argue that it turned rubbernecking into a national pastime. It was surreal, unbelievable and a more universally shared moment than anything in the Internet age — which makes it possibly the most quintessentially ’90s moment there is.

No. 8 Desmond Howard Strikes The Heisman Pose (1991)

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry is still a big deal, but it loomed large over college football in the early ’90s, so soon after the days of Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes. Desmond Howard’s touchdown return may be the greatest play in The Game’s history, and his capping it off by striking his Heisman pose (an award he would win that year) was the cheeky icing on the cake.

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