Move Over Bernie, The Milwaukee Brewers Have Adopted A Stray Dog As A Mascot

Random animals have long played roles in the superstitions of Major League Baseball teams, with the Rally Monkey of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Rally Squirrel of the St. Louis Cardinals of St. Louis being two of the most notable recent examples. The Milwaukee Brewers are getting an early jump on the four-legged good luck charm with the adoption of a stray pooch named Hank that just sort of wandered into the Maryvale Baseball Park in Arizona. And yet we were told that those stray dogs in Maryvale were just a figment of our imaginations.

Since showing up at the park, Hank has become a staple of the Brewers’ Twitter feed, and the players have taken him in like he’s one of their own. It’s safe to say that any of the other strays in Hank’s old Chihuahua street gang would be insanely jealous of the pampered treatment he’s receiving, but who says that rags to riches stories don’t happen anymore?

I have to warn you, though – the video clip you’re about to see might just make your head explode from unbearable cuteness, because Hank got to run in his first mascot race at the ballpark today. Again, if you have a weak heart or can’t handle excessive adorableness, you need to look away immediately.

Very well done, Brewers. Now hopefully Hank can pitch, too.