Hit The Bricks McKayla Maroney, Ashley Wagner Is The New Face Of Olympic Memes

Mexican skier Hubertus von Hohenlohe probably has one of the best situations of any athlete at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Having just turned 55, the very well-traveled former pop star and all-around playboy has declared that the only reason that he’s really competing in this, his sixth Winter Olympics is so he can be considered one of the best dressed people competing in Russia. Every other athlete is mostly there to bust their asses and try to win a medal and make their countries proud, like 22-year old American figure skater Ashley Wagner, who really, really thought that she turned in a great performance on Saturday.

The judges didn’t agree, though, and when she saw a 63.10 flash across the screen as her score, we were treated to that now iconic face above. But it didn’t stop there. Wagner also had some words that properly expressed the way she was feeling at that moment.

Obviously, there are people out there who think that an Olympic athlete mouthing the words “That’s bullshit” after seeing her score is the epitome of poor sportsmanship, but in the Internet era, that crap is buried by the love of a good meme. Just ask the 2012 Summer Olympics Internet superstar McKayla Maroney, whose ability to not be impressed kept our engines running for weeks way back in those days.

Today, Wagner is the new Maroney, and she proved that she can handle being a star for all the wrong reasons by laughing at herself on the TODAY Show this morning.

And she should be able to laugh all the way to the bank, because she’s certified meme gold right now. Everyone from Mashable and Happy Place to Women’s Health and probably Cat Fancy is writing about Wagner’s face today, and it didn’t even take long for an “Ashley is Not Impressed” Tumblr to be created. Meanwhile, the Internet is already hard at work on new photoshops to take advantage of this delightful face until something else comes along to distract us.

First and foremost, there’s Old Faithful, the meme that keeps on giving…

Now let’s follow it up with something topical so her hilarious face can also hilariously describe how hilarious something else is. Hilarious, right?

But why not combine Wagner’s face with one of the other big talking points in the ring that wouldn’t obey Putin’s orders?

And the incomparable photoshop magician Nick Pants was not done with the relevant topics, because everyone has been talking about Bob Costas’s wonky eye as well.

Unlike Maroney, Wagner isn’t a teenager, so I fully expect for bros and classy gentlemen alike to profess their love for this new Internet starlet, and what better way than with an Ashley Wagner Valentine’s Day card?

Now comes the time to combine memes and form ultra-memes or memes-within-memes that will eventually have Xzibit on them, because nothing ever dies on the Internet.


Just for good measure, let’s throw in something completely obscure that I couldn’t even possibly begin to explain.

That’ll do for now, Internet. That’ll do. But rest assured, folks, more will be coming and I will pounce all over them for you, because my life is not that exciting at all, to be honest. Does that shock you, Ashley?

I thought so.

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