Move Over, Tiger Woods: Another Golf Champion Has Been Shamed

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Detroit. Baltimore. Compton. Waterbury. It feels like we can’t even go one day without horrifying news of violence from America’s most dangerous cities, but those maniacs in Connecticut are once again making our golf courses more violent than they should be. Rudolph Hermstadt (above), a 37-year old local phenom, apparently got into a fight with his 41-year old caddy in the clubhouse after a round at the East Mountain Golf Course.

Damn it, man, when I say give me the big dog, you give me the mother f*cking big dog!

Police say Hermstadt was captured on a surveillance video choking and punching 41-year-old Jeremy Eterginio of Prospect inside the 19th Hole Cafe at the East Mountain Golf Course on July 22.

Hermstadt told the newspaper the fight stemmed from an argument over Eterginio’s relationship with Hermstadt’s fiance.

He says Eterginio is no longer his caddie or his friend. (Via the Hartford Courant, H/T to Fark)

It’s not the punching of my face or the choking me to death that hurts, it’s that whole not being your friend part. Sometimes the heart is the most vulnerable part of the body.

What I want to know, though, is how pathetic a man must feel to be a 7-time city champion and recent winner of the Mayor’s Cup and find out that his wife is banging his caddy, who is older and presumably not as good at golf. That’s gotta give the other fellas in your foursome some deadly sh*t talk at the tee box.

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