Munenori Kawasaki Sang ‘O Canada’ For Fans, Continues To Be The Happiest Guy In Baseball

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06.11.13 2 Comments

Remember before the Major League Baseball season began, when the Miami Marlins were like, “Hey, Toronto Blue Jays, would you like all of these good players that we signed to trick the city into giving us a new stadium?” and everyone else was like, “Oh snap, the Blue Jays are gonna be really good now”? Haha, that was a pretty funny overreaction, wasn’t it?

The Jays are currently in the American League East cellar, 12 games back of the first place Boston Red Sox and nine games south of .500. While they’re certainly not out of the playoff picture, they’ll really need to step up and do some heavy lifting if they’d like to eventually leap frog the Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays and even the New York Yankees and Sox if they want to get into the postseason. Not exactly the simplest of tasks.

My advice for the Jays? Start having a little more fun. Take a good, long look at shortstop Munenori Kawasaki up there and the way he just won’t stop smiling and find a way to make it infectious. Bottle it, sell it, snort it, inject it – whatever it takes. Because he’s the only reason I care about the Jays right now.

And for a bonus, here’s Kawasaki interrupting Mark DeRosa on Intentional Talk the other day.

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