Music Video Breakdown: ‘Straight To My Feet’ By MC Hammer And Deion Sanders

I am going to assume that most of you are not aware of the fact that MC Hammer and Deion Sanders made a music video for their song “Straight to My Feet” from the Street Fighter soundtrack. My reasoning for this is twofold: First of all, the video only has about 500,000 views as of today, and seeing as I’m responsible for about 480,000 of those, that seems a little on the low end. Second, if a good chunk of the world knew about this video, I feel pretty confident that it is all we would ever talk about. Like, you’d go to the store and ask someone at the deli for a pound of sliced turkey, and he or she would reply “Can you EVEN BELIEVE that MC Hammer and Deion Sanders recorded a song for the Street Fighter soundtrack and Jean Claude Van Damme was in the music video?!” No one would ever get anything done. Society would crumble. It would be madness. I am risking anarchy just by bringing this to your attention.

But I suppose that particular cat is already out of the bag at this point, so we might as well proceed. Take your laptop down to your bomb shelter and join me on the following pages for a discussion about this masterpiece.

So, first things first, allow me to answer a few questions you might have. Yes, the video and screenshots are pretty grainy. Yes, this angers me greatly. No, none of that will deter me in any way from covering and analyzing it like the Zapruder film. Yes, I would pay $5.99 on iTunes for an HD version of the video.

We good? Great. Moving on.

The video opens on a party. People are drinking drinks, sumo wrestlers are sumo wrestling, pole dancers are pole dancing, rap superstar MC Hammer and Pro Bowl cornerback Deion Sanders are about to take the stage to perform a song, someone is about to ride their motorcycle right onto the dance floor. This is a good party.

This is a screencap of MC Hammer and Deion Sanders high-fiving while dancing across the stage wearing dress pants, vests, and bandanas. Alert the Smithsonian.

Here is that motorcycle driving onto the dance floor that I mentioned earlier. Since it’s pretty self-explanatory, I’d actually like to use this space to direct your attention to a sentence from the Street Fighter soundtrack Wikipedia:

“Straight to My feet” was the only single to see a release in the United Kingdom, where it charted #57, despite the soundtrack being only available in that country via a purchase of the VHS tape at branches of Tesco for a limited period.

Let’s pull that apart a little. This song reached #57 on the UK charts even though the only way to obtain it was by taking advantage of a special offer that involved purchasing a VHS copy of Street Fighter from a single chain of stores during a finite window. That is amazing. It’s like saying “He won the bronze in the 100 meters at the Olympics, despite pulling 50 pounds of bricks behind him and getting shot with an arrow at the 40-yard mark.”