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One of the great pre-springtime traditions has been renewed again. The Name of the Year tournament, run by three anonymous English-speakers somewhere in America, dates back to 1994, when Mummenschontz Bitterbeetle accumulated a majority of votes. Today, 64 of the year’s greatest names “play off” in an elimination bracket based on your votes. Among the great names considered for year’s tournament:

Should SummerStarr Grey make it past the first cut? Is Rejoice Oldjohn at this point just another African name? Cinnamon Frost or Cynammon Crabb? Have we had it with legal name changers like Captain Danger Awesome? (We have.) Is Spontaneous Gordon an instantaneous No. 1 seed? Is Dick Mingalone a worthy representative of the Dick party? Can he fill the designated Dick slot if Dick Smallberries Jr. can’t fulfill his duties?

Should legacy Wonderful Terrific Monds II get a ballot slot, or is it one NOTY nomination per family? And what of the late Savior God-Scientific Allah, a Detroit boy who tragically fell out of a window and died? Will his multidenominational name live on in NOTY? via.

Voting is now open, and if you’ve never seen the site, it is destination viewing for March. Plus it’ll be fun for you to fill out a bracket that doesn’t completely tank like your basketball bracket did this year.

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