The ‘It Me’ Podcast: Diving Deep Into Earnhardt Nation And NASCAR Fandom

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There isn’t a lot of motorsports talk on the “it me, college football” podcast. Some of that might be due to the fact that our podcast’s name is “it me, college football” and part of it might be because I am not quite yet a NASCAR convert. But Robby has aimed to change that, and this week’s guest certainly didn’t hurt.

We welcomed in Jay Busbee of Yahoo! Sports and recent author of the book Earnhardt Nation: The Full-Throttle Saga of NASCAR’s First Family because he is great and we wanted to pick his brain about the book and a lot more.

Also discussed:

  • The crazy Daytona 500 finish
  • Dale Jr.’s car graveyard
  • Other sports embracing the sponsor
  • NASCAR vs. College Football
  • Picking drivers to love and hate
  • North Carolina as a character in the NASCAR tale
  • Dale Jr.’s relationship with Dale Sr.
  • The magic of the exploration stage in researching a book

As always, comments and tweets are always welcome. Subscribe to us on iTunes, too! You can find Robby at (@rkalland) and Martin at (@martinrickman), and Jay is at (@JayBusbee). Football is great and so are friends, but football (and every other sport) is always better with friends.

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