11.28.06 12 years ago 10 Comments

Perhaps you're aware of the NASCAR-themed romance novels of Pamela Britton. As if that's not terrifying enough, she's listed the top five drivers she'd like to see in her fiction… and #1 — of course — is Carl Edwards (pictured there with the author). Her reason?

Because he's an awesome driver and an even more impressive athlete … and I better stop right there before I get myself in trouble.

Steamy! If her fantasies aren't transparent enough for you, here's the caption to that photo on her MySpace page: "You don't see where my other hand is, do you? Teehehe!"

As an observant MySpace user known as Tony Stewart's #1 NASCAR fan in Canada notes, "it's probably on his BUTT!! LOL I'm so jelous. you are so lucky…. Can't wait 4 the new book"

Me neither, Tony Stewart's #1 NASCAR fan in Canada. Me neither.

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