Nate And Nick Diaz Finally Have A Fan Anthem

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06.05.13 8 Comments

diaz brothers song

Let me make sure I’ve got this straight … Nate Diaz is the Diaz brother who doesn’t want your stupid-ass cowboy hat all up on him and just means “bitch” when he calls Pat Healy a “fag.” Nick Diaz is the one who started his own MMA promotion, is good at nunchucks and never pays his taxes. Right? It’s like a live action Duke and Dimwit, except both guys are Dimwit.

Anyway, here’s a video entitled WAR DIAZ FUNNY SONG by YouTube user ColdRolledSteel, who may just be Tank Abbott in a hoodie and sunglasses. CRS serenades the brothers using a guitar and the demo button on his keyboard, occasionally telling the camera man to “flip it.” The camera man responds with “myem myem.” It is weird, off-putting and absolutely perfect for the Diaz. Diazes?

Video is after the jump.

For the rest of the day I’m gonna point at people and say “flipaflip?” just to see what they do. ColdRolledSteel is a bitch, and when I say “bitch” I mean “a great guy at music.”

[h/t to Middle Easy]

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