Nate Diaz Is Winning The War Of The Words Against Conor McGregor Ahead Of Their UFC 200 Rematch

Ever since UFC 196’s incendiary main event in which the brash and verbose Conor McGregor got tapped out by Nate Diaz, the Irishman has been quiet. Nate, however, has enjoyed the newfound fame that has propelled him to the elite levels of MMA stardom he, and many others, felt he always deserved. Now, ahead of their UFC 200 rematch on July 9th, Nate is making digs here and there in order to cut down Conor with mental jabs little by little.

At this point in the lead up to a fight, Conor McGregor is usually pontificating about money, fame, his superstardom or how he’ll emasculate his opponent mentally before destroying them on fight night, but not this time. He may have bloodied up Nate Diaz and landed a few good shots against him (hell, he won the first round), but Nate won the fight – definitively. That’s why Nate’s enjoying this time where he can subtly defeat Conor a few more times before possibly defeating him in hand to hand combat again.

Speaking to FOX Sports, Nate soothed Conor’s feelings, letting him know that he’s a big star, and will be just fine bouncing back from two losses in a row:

I’m sure he’ll be all right when I beat him. I’m top of the food chain. I’ve been fighting top 10 competition for eight years. Losing to me is not so bad. You can lose to some lame ass or you can lose to a real…G fighter. I don’t think it will hurt him too much. He’ll be alright.”

And while Conor McGregor is showing that he’s made of some sort of MMA teflon because his fans and MMA pundits are praising him for getting back on that horse and facing Diaz again, Nate is having none of it:

I’ve lost decisions that I didn’t really lose and if I asked to get a rematch it was out of the question like are you kidding me, don’t even ask. But this guy is getting praised for wanting a rematch. It’s like get…out of here…this is the fight game.

Whoever has lost a fight in the UFC and hasn’t wanted to fight that guy the next day shouldn’t be in the sport. All of a sudden he’s getting praised for losing and wanting a rematch? Get…out of here, I’m sick of hearing it.

Even though we’ve been here and done that regarding this fight, it seems like UFC 200’s main event will still have one hell of a lead up, and this feud is far from over.

(Via Bleacher Report)