NBA 2K17 Simulated The 2017 NBA Finals To See If It Will Be Yet Another Epic Seven-Game Series

The 2017 NBA Finals will finally tip off on Thursday, and while we know that this will be the third consecutive championship match-up between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, everything else is pretty much unknown. Sure, we can make plenty of guesses about what may happen. But that’s all just conjecture, especially since as last year’s Finals showed us and Kevin Garnett immortalized with his now infamous guttural yell, “anything is possible.”

Thankfully, however, the folks over at 2K Sports have stepped up to the challenge of trying to predict the Finals as accurately as possible by doing a simulation of the entire series with their popular and very realistic video game NBA 2K17. The results are rather interesting and showcase how closely matched the two teams are.

According to the official NBA 2K17’s simulation, the Warriors will defeat the Cavs in a tightly-contested seven-game series. The simulation has the Cavs winning Game 1 at Oracle Arena, which seemingly gave Cleveland an instant upper hand in the series. But the narrative quickly changed in Game 2.

Kevin Durant scored 45 in the Game 2 simulation and helped the Warriors tie the series up 1-1. This set the stage for the Cavs to come right back and take a series lead by winning Game 3 thanks to some clutch shooting by Kyrie Irving.

By shooting 61 percent, the Warriors evened up the series in Game 4 and then rode that momentum to get the Game 5 victory and take a 3-2 lead. However the Cavs would not go away, as LeBron James recorded a triple-double and led his team to a Game 6 victory. So yet again, the Cavs and Warriors would meet in Oakland for a winner-take-all Game 7. But unlike in last year’s Game 7, in this one, the Warriors would emerge victorious thanks to another monster offensive performance by Durant.

Now this NBA 2K17 simulation is not truly a predictive indicator of the Finals. But it does provide an excellent example of what could very possibly happen in the Finals between the Cavs and Warriors. Plus, after the rather uninspiring 2017 playoffs, let’s hope that the simulation is right about the Finals ending in seven games because that will just be the perfect way for the NBA season to conclude.