NBA Round-Up: Gonna Be A Long One

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Some fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers – I’m assuming not the kind that go around beating up innocent fathers in front of their children for gang initiations – have started a website hoping to lure Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban into purchasing their baseball team so they no longer have to worry about having the most ridiculously inept owners not named Wilpon. is trying to rally Dodgers fans to show their support for the team by getting Cuban’s attention and hoping that he won’t think anything of the team’s $400 million debt. Then again, he tried to purchase the Texas Rangers and didn’t care about the debt that Tom Hicks had amassed, so it looks like Dodgers fans may be on to something here.

*shakes head, mouths “No they aren’t.”*

Oklahoma City Thunder 106, Dallas Mavericks 100 (Series: 1-1)

Kevin Durant led the Thunder with 24 points, while James Harden had a career night with 23 points and Russell Westbrook got his act together with 18 points. Dirk Nowitzki, meanwhile, had 29 points and was a victim of his own success, because apparently when you score 48 points in Game 1, 29 points in Game 2 means that you were contained. More realistically, Dirk’s supporting cast was contained, because Jason Terry laid an 8-point turd and the Mavs’ next best effort behind Dirk was Tyson Chandler’s 15 points.

Cuban, of course, blames the officiating for the Mavs losing Game 2, and I agree that there were some bad calls against Dallas last night, but did Cuban watch Game 1? It should have been called the Dirk Nowitzki Phantom Foul Free Throw Extravaganza. Quiet down, Cuban. Go tease some Dodgers fans and then promote that crappy Shark Tank show on Twitter 200 times.

Tonight’s Prediction: Oh, the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls don’t play tonight. Well then, they must play tomorrow night. No, that’s the Mavs and Thunder again tomorrow night. The Heat and Bulls don’t play until Sunday. They played Game 2 on Wednesday. God, I hate the NBA Playoffs.

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