03.17.07 11 years ago 7 Comments

Ohio State narrowly escaped elimination by defeating #9 seed Xavier 78-71 in overtime in the South Region of the NCAA Tournament today.  If you're like me, you were rooting for the underdog, hoping Thad Motta would receive his comeuppance, wondering how old Greg Oden really is, and wishing Gus Johnson encounters a slow, painful death.  If there is a basketball god, he (she?) clearly does not believe that St. Francis Xavier should have been beatified like the Catholic God does.  Also, this hoops deity clearly favors a certain bookie in Chicago and harbors a grudge against your Assistant Editor.  O, great and powerful Naismithovah, I beseech thou to tell thee how I've offended thou's grace.

Alas, this year's tournament has produced a dearth of underdogs to applaud, and if Virginia Commonwealth and Winthrop fall in the round of 32, this tourney could become boring.  Almost, not quite.  It's still a thousand times better than spring training baseball and regular season NBA (except this).   Two Jesuit institutions face each other in Winston-Salem at 5:45 EDT when Georgetown meets Boston College.  If my hypothesis is correct, expect a natural disaster at Wake Forest. -KD

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