Nebraska’s Beautiful Tribute To Its Punter Who Passed Away Was The Weekend’s Best Moment

Everyone knows that some things are more important than sports. Sure, sports are great, but every now and then something happens in a community that leads to people coming together in a way that sports can never accomplish.

For example, the Nebraska community rallied together after a member of the football team – rising senior punter Sam Foltz – died in a car accident earlier this year. It was tragic, but the way that Cornhuskers fans have come together to remember Foltz has been really inspiring.

On Saturday, Nebraska played its first football game since Foltz’s untimely passing. The team took on Fresno State, and one possession ended with the Huskers needing to punt. To honor Foltz, the team went out onto the field without a punter, which led to them getting called for a delay of game penalty. Fresno State, in an admirable show of sportsmanship, declined the penalty, and the Huskers ended up punting on the next play. The Nebraska football Twitter account didn’t need to explain the gesture, but it gave everyone who wasn’t aware of what was happening a heads up.

This wasn’t the only tribute to Foltz that we saw on Saturday. One of his friends, Wisconsin kicker Rafael Gaglianone, changed his number to 27, the number that Foltz used to wear. Gaglianone made the game-winning field goal for the Badgers in their victory over No. 5 LSU.

Between the upsets, the big plays, and some of the other fun goings on during the first full weekend of college football, claiming something is the weekend’s best moment needs to be something special. With that said, it’s hard to find someone who disagrees that this was easily the best moment of the weekend.