New Old Miss Mascot: It’s Crap!

10.14.10 7 years ago 8 Comments

The University of Mississippi will begin implementing the school’s first on-field mascot since 2003. The currently-unnamed “Rebel Black Bear” was chosen from three other mascot finalists, as determined by a student-run committee, and then a campus-wide vote. Sadly, the much-ballyhooed Admiral Ackbar did not make the cut.

The bear beat out two other finalists, the Rebel Land Shark and something called the “Hotty Toddy,” an attempt to personify the school cheer. The bear received 62 percent of the vote in the final poll.

“I know there was a lot of people emotionally invested in Colonel Reb and everybody might not completely agree with the bear, but I think everyone can be proud of how our students went about the process,” said Sparky Reardon, the university’s dean of students.

Margaret Ann Porter, a co-chairman of the student mascot selection committee, said the bear was recommended because it had a Mississippi connection, would appeal to children and would be unique to the Southeastern Conference. –KC Star.

I wonder how many Ole Miss students will now cite the bear as one of their “black friends” whenever they get into a racial argument. I can pretty much end it with that joke, yes? Okay, cool. See you later.

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