New York Celebs Unite For LeBron

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06.15.10 7 Comments

While no NBA team is allowed to court any of this year’s mega-super-duper-star free agents until July 1, famous fans of the New York Knicks have taken it upon themselves to unite and woo the alpha dog of the 2010 class, Dwayne Wade LeBron James. This is a clear counter to the efforts of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who offered Tom Izzo their head coaching job as a sign of dedication to winning, and the Chicago Bulls, who have found a way to be mentioned in each conversation about LeBron without having actually done anything.

Leading the charge for New York’s sports and celebrity elite is Donald Trump, who is sending a message out to LeBron that there is only one New York City. Famous Clevelander and actor Terrence Howard was also going to reach out to LeBron, but the city replaced him with Don Cheadle.

Roll out the burgundy carpet, Yahoo! Sports:

“We are in the process of assembling a committee of friends of the Knicks who are many of the city’s most successful winners and leaders [and] who have thrived in the world’s greatest city,” said a Knicks spokesman to the paper. “The enthusiastic response we have received from so many people wanting to help has been overwhelming and we look forward to working with this committee in various ways to show free agents that there is no better place to play and to win than in the world’s most famous arena and in New York City.”

The “committee” is expected to include Willis Reed, Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe, Phil Simms, Mark Messier, John McEnroe, talk-show host Charlie Rose, “The Big Idea” host Donny Deutsch, and Whoopi Goldberg.

To be fair to Yahoo’s list of New York Q-listers, Chris Rock and Spike Lee have also spoken in favor of LeBron choosing the Big Apple as his new home, and even 30 Rock stars Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin have joined this makeshift coalition of support. Word is that Judah Friedlander was going to make one of his funny hats until someone pointed out that nobody cares about him.

Ironically, the last time any pop culture icon showed this much concern for the Knicks was when Joel Rifkin offered to take care of Shandon Anderson.

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