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09.20.12 9 Comments

It had been rumored for some time that one of our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models, Chrissy Teigen, had been selected to be The X Factor’s female version of Ryan Seacrest, and that would have been awesome, because she’s funny, intelligent and very easy to look at. Then it was reported yesterday that she’s out and Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are in, because f*ck us, that’s why.

This has nothing to do with sports, but my rage should be noted.

NFL: New York Giants at Carolina Panthers – 8:20 PM ET on NFL Network

Eli Manning and the Giants are without Hakeem Nicks, who had 412 catches for 6,215 yards on Sunday while seemingly being injured on every single play. Seriously, I’d watch a play and Nicks would be limping off the field, and then I’d look at another TV, and when I’d look back at the Giants game, he’d make a catch and then start limping again. That said, even sitting out, he’s more effective than all Miami Dolphins receivers.

Impact Wrestling – 8 PM ET on Spike

Is it not TNA anymore? Is this even the same promotion that I’m thinking of? I have zero clue what’s going on here, so I’ll just guess – tonight Sting takes on Jeff Jarrett and Hulk Hogan in a threeway “I quit” match, while Vince Russo and Kurt Angle continue to scheme against Scott Steiner. Is that close? I’m guessing it’s close.

MLS Soccer: DC Whatchamacallits at Philadelphia Something-or-Others – 8 PM ET on ESPN 2

I’d make a guess here, but I guarantee my Impact Wrestling guess is closer.

NCAA Football: BYU at Boise State – 9 PM ET on ESPN

Dear Boise State fans, do not charge the field three times. Please. Not like you should, obviously, because your team is better. But if you do, at least wait until the game is officially over.

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels – 10:05 PM ET (Regional)

I'm using this again. Because.

I will never stop using this photo if it’s applicable.

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