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FAVRE — As soon as the trade went down last night, I immediately wondered how many of the New York papers would lead with the headline "JET FAVRE."  Answer: two — the Post and one of the other rags with lower circulation.  The Daily News must have gone to print before the trade happened, because their sports hed was "LOST THEIR JOBA."  I hope to God whoever writes these headlines gets minimum wage.  Working in a tanning salon is a harder job.

AL —  Gorgeous 9th-inning collapse by Cleveland last night.  Carlos Pena's walk-off three-run homer capped a six-run ninth in the AL East-leading Rays' come-from-behind win… Elsewhere in the American League, they used the designated hitter.

NL —  The Pirates' Jeff Karstens took a perfect game into the 8th inning and finished with a two-hit shutout of the Diamondbacks.  Makes you wonder which big-market team he'll become a star for… Hey look, the pitcher's hitting!  So cute… Ryan Ludwick homered in his fifth straight game, and Albert Pujols added a grand slam as the Cards cruised past the Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles.

Olympics — The men's soccer team (Los Gringos) beat Japan 1-0 in round-robin play.  Up next: losses to Nigeria and the Netherlands.

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