New Zealand Man Wants You to Drive Him Around In His Lamborghini

06.15.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

When a student decides to take a peek at the classified ads in order to secure a job that they can quit within the month to qualify for a welfare check that’s bigger than the one they’d get for working 40 hours a week, options usually revolve around working at the Fresh Grocer and helping old people out of their soiled Depends. Well, it’s time to get jealous of New Zealand because they have blokes who want to hire you just to whisk them around in a $200,000 car.

Our protagonist Gary Richards is on the prowl for a young lad or lassie to do just that after he was busted for an impaired driving charge. He’s also most likely looking to re-create some scenes from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

A man in New Zealand posted an ad at Student Job Search in Auckland saying he was looking for a tidy and positive student to drive him to business appointments during the summer months. The best part: They’d have to drive his Hummer and Lamborghini.

The ad said the driver would be needed during business hours Monday to Friday, but they’d be permitted to study while the employer was in meetings. -cnews

Does this guy have a death wish? Why’s he asking for a kid who’s ‘tidy and positive’ when a car that can top 200 MPH is in the equation? I’d ask for a great driver who isn’t afraid to give up his life to save me when the car inevitably turns into fiery wreckage. Experience playing Gran Turismo on the Playstation would be a bonus. And probably a leather jacket.

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