Neymar Loves To Flop So Much He Did It During A Nike Promo Shoot

08.06.13 5 years ago
Neymar Flopping

(via Getty Image)

Hey, remember Neymar?

No, not the cat Garfield wanted to ship to Abu Dhabi, that was Nermal. Neymar’s the soccer player who flopped so dramatically that his collapse became the thing of Internet legend, and people made GIFs of him getting Hadoken’d by Ryu, hit with an upturned rake and attacked by zombies.

Well, Neymar and his legendary flopping are back! This time, Neymar tries to kick around a soccer ball in a room that looks a hell of a lot like the one Peggy Olson drove a motorcycle around in and falls off the stage. Everyone watching was penalized. Oh Neymar, won’t you ever learn?

[via Reddit]

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