It’s Not Over For The NFL As They’ve Appealed Tom Brady’s Overturned Suspension

Goodell was hit solidly in the nuts Thursday morning with a steel-toed boot that gave Brady the victory in the appeal, removing the four-game suspension. Legions of Patriots fans cry vindication and the rest of America goes for cover as the smug epidemic is released, even though the entire appeal case never had anything to do with Brady’s innocence, but was entirely about Goodell over-stepping his bounds and delivering his punishments unfairly (he did, this outcome is right, and Brady probably still cheated).

But Goodell refuses to take this hit to the nuts as a sign that maybe, maybe this farce has gone on long enough, and he should sit back and enjoy another offseason hit to his lingering dingleberry of integrity. Goodell, according to Ian Rapoport, has decided to appeal!

So, let’s go with a timeline of events so far:

-Colts game happens, Colts think balls are under inflated. Nation calls Colts sore losers.
-Initial reports suggest Colts may be right, nation turns on Patriots.
-Wells Report determines Brady probably cheated.
-Goodell dishes out punishment.
-Brady appeals.
-We wait for like a month.
-Goodell upholds punishment, twirling his mustache.
-NFL union and Brady appeal to court.
-We wait for like another month at minimum.
-Judge tells Goodell he’s a sack of potatoes, Brady wins appeal.
-Goodell decides to appeal.

Will this joke ever end?