A Former NFL Player Revealed The Combine’s Weirdest Questions, And It’ll Make Your Job Interviews Seem Easy

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Austen Lane is a former defensive end from Murray State who played in the NFL for Jacksonville, Kansas City, Detroit, and Chicago after being drafted by the Jaguars in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL draft. Lane is out of the league now, though, so he’s finally free to reveal all of the ridiculous things he was asked while trying to impress teams at the 2010 NFL combine on Twitter.

Everyone knew that the combine questions teams ask are ridiculous (just ask Dez Bryant), but some of these are just pure insanity. To make it even more entertaining, Lane accompanied each question with an equally hilarious GIF.

Alright, that’s pretty dumb, but maybe they were just weeding out the purely crazy players who actually answered “Yes” to this question. Besides, that was almost assuredly the most ridiculous question he was asked, right?

Okay, that’s definitely a weird question to ask a football player. Um, maybe just testing out if they have family values and respect for their elders? Yeah sure, let’s go with that.

Definitely not what I would have gone with when gauging whether a player is ready to play in the NFL, but at least it wasn’t offensive or racist.

Ah, well, that was definitely the worst one.

What in God’s name is wrong with these people?