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The No Fun League is in the midst of setting up a counterattack to a decision from the Supreme Court of Delaware that will allow betting on single games or multi-game parlays in 2009, a decision which should be forever known as Stodgy Bastards v. Awesomeness. The NFL will likely focus its challenge to the single-game betting proposal that many aspiring degenerates would prefer.

“The clear preference for those who wager on sports is to bet on a single game,” says Anthony Cabot, a Las Vegas attorney who specializes in gaming law. “It’s far more popular than simply offering parlay cards.”

“They have several avenues they can take,” Cabot said. “One way is to attack its legality under the state constitution.”

The Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that a sports lottery is legal under the state constitution when “chance was the dominant, determining factor” in that betting system. In their May decision to keep the sports lottery intact, the current justices didn’t directly address single-game wagering. [via]

And now New Jersey has already filed suit in federal court in order for that state to enjoy the economic rewards of people making poorly-conceived sports prognostications. I never understood why everyone, state AND federal, didn’t just legalize gambling and then tax the hell out of it. You’ll get way more than the 40 percent you’re taking out of my paycheck, you limey bastards. Unless, of course, the Giants manage to cover. Stupid Giants. [via]

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