This NFL Player Lost His Super Bowl Ring In A Rental Car, Only To Have It Return Through Sheer Luck

01.10.15 3 years ago
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If you were to statistically work out the likelihood that an NFL player would lose a Super Bowl championship ring in an Enterprise rental car, only to have it returned by a well-known NFL agent who rented the exact same car, you would probably be hovering around zero percent. Yet here we are, reporting that EXACT scenario and further proving statistics can’t be trusted.

It all started with a tweet from NFL agent David Mulugheta about his wife finding a Super Bowl championship ring under her seat in their rental car. He quickly figured out it belonged to Seattle Seahawks fullback and overall good guy, Derrick Coleman:

The craziest part in all this is that David Mulugheta worked the negotiations out for one of Coleman’s teammates, Earl Thomas, so getting in touch with the Super Bowl champion did not prove to be difficult. We’d like to think anyone who found that ring would’ve returned it, but let’s be honest for a second. Fate was on Coleman’s side for this one.

In another reality somewhere, there’s some average Joe walking around his neighborhood right now, showing off his Super Bowl championship ring on his way to the pawn shop.

(Via Twitter)

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