An NFL Player Reacted To Being Traded For ‘A Stapler And A Coffee Machine’

03.12.17 1 year ago

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The free agency period and the trade deadline in any sport will remind you of the harsh reality that sports are a business, but no sport is as cruel as the NFL, thanks to the lack of fully-guaranteed contracts. Players in the NFL will be cut and waived at the drop of a hat to save roster bonus money, while others will be traded for little to nothing in return just to clear some space.

As free agency started on Friday in the NFL, players waited with bated breath to find out if they would be a salary cap casualty, either by way of trade or outright release. Rams defensive lineman William Hayes was among those that found himself being moved on Friday, as he got traded to the Dolphins along with a seventh round pick for a sixth round pick. It’s got to be hard to hear you’ve been traded for mostly nothing (Brock Osweiler also knows the feeling) and Hayes took to Instagram to talk his way through the trade.

“Got traded today. For a stapler and a coffee machine,” Hayes hilariously said to open the video. As he goes through, he begins talking himself into the trade because he will get sweet tea in Miami and won’t have to deal with L.A. traffic anymore. Hayes takes it all in stride, but the NFL never fails to humble players and remind them that they’re just cogs in the wheel that can and will be replaced.

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