This Brutal Hockey Fight Featured A Seemingly Endless Supply Of Haymakers

Someone call Dana White, because I think we just found a main event for an upcoming UFC pay-per-view that will make him a ton of money. The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins faced off on Saturday night, and at one point in the second period, Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid and Maple Leafs winger Matt Martin threw down.

Ok, “threw down” kind of sells this short. These two grabbed one another with their left hands and started unloading with right hands that you’d expect to see in the octagon. At one point, McQuaid threw a punch that led to Martin’s helmet flying off, at which point McQuaid started going for Martin’s ear. It got to the point where Martin’s ear was a bloody mess, although both guys were throwing massive punches that connected.

The fight came to an end with McQuaid connected with a haymaker that completely dropped Martin. It was brutal, the kind of punch that will make you get out of your seat. Here it is in slow motion, so you can watch it as many times as you want.

While McQuaid won this fight, Martin’s team came out on top, as the Maple Leafs recorded a 6-5 lead over the Bruins. Still, listen to that crowd. It certainly sounded like everyone in attendance is happy with McQuaid getting the win.

(Via SB Nation)