Nia Jax Is The New WWE Queen Of The Ring

Nia Jax became the Queen of the Ring at WWE’s King and Queen of the Ring event on Saturday at the Jeddah Super Dome in Saudi Arabia.

Jax spent much of the match as the dominant figure to Lyra Valkyria’s underdog opponent. Valkyria flew around the ring, taking any opportunity to get Jax off her feet. Jax went for an Annihilator, but Valkyria slipped underneath the bottom rope. Jax tried the move on the apron, but missed, opening the door for Valkyria to baseball slide her onto the outside.

Valkyria hit a bulldog on the outside and looked to have the advantage back inside the ring until Jax turned the momentum. The finish came when Jax climbed to the top rope with Valkyria on Jax’s shoulders, looking for a Samoan Drop, when Valkyria slipped out and looked for a powerbomb. Instead, Jax reversed into a massive Annihilator for the pinfall and win.

With Jax’s win, she’ll move on to earn a WWE Women’s Championship match against Bayley at SummerSlam in Cleveland. Jax held the Raw Women’s championship once, holding the belt for 70 days before dropping it to Alexa Bliss.

With a clear path back to the belt, perhaps Jax is finally in the driver’s seat to a dominant championship run.