Nick Jonas Will Star In DirecTV’s New Family Drama About An MMA Fighter

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02.14.14 3 Comments

Nick Jonas MMA

Now that the Jonas Brothers have broken up and Nick, Joe and the other one hate each other with more passion than the fires of a thousand burning suns (I think), it’s time for them to stop pandering to tween and teen girls and show the world what manly men they really are. First up, Nick Jonas is updating his IMDB profile from the same old, same old of “Singing Guy on Smash” and “One of the guys playing themselves but not really playing themselves on Jonas” and “Guy singing at camp with a brand new role as professional ass-kicker on Navy St.

The “gritty family drama” is a DirecTV original series and stars Jonas as Nate Henderson, a shy MMA fighter who gets a contract with the UFC and is trained by his dad, Alvey, played by Frank Grillo. As if it isn’t hard enough for a young fighter to train with his overbearing dad, Nate also has to deal with his older brother, who is battling addiction.

Obviously, the most important question isn’t if Jonas is a good enough actor to carry his own show, but whether or not he can actually learn how to look like he knows how to fight. But if he fights anything like he wears baseball pants, then we should just go ahead and line up all of the Emmys now.

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