Nike Gave LeBron James A Free Pair Of Shoes

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05.14.12 8 Comments

Yeah, I know those aren't LeBron 9's but I wear flip flops 24/7 so deal with it.

It was announced on Saturday that Miami Heat forward LeBron James was awarded MVP for the third time in his career, after leading his team to a 46-20 regular season record and the No. 2 seed in the East. James averaged 27.1 points per game this season, while his “Big 3” cohorts Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh averaged 22.1 and 18 ppg, respectively. Sure, it’s like saying that James was the fastest of the Ferraris, but it’s hard to argue that he doesn’t once again deserve the NBA’s ultimate individual honor.

For his hard work, James’ other “employer”, Nike, has also awarded him with this special new pair of LeBron 9’s that he wore yesterday in the Heat’s 95-86 victory over the Indiana Pacers…

Of the shoes, a Nike spokesperson said that they’re a reward for the company’s “Employee of the Year” – a shame, because I thought for sure that would go to LeBron’s douchebag yes-man and sideways peace sign giver, Jason Petrie. I’ll admit, though, it would be pretty cool to know that you’re the only person on Earth who has a specific pair of shoes that were designed solely for you because of an incredible accomplishment. You know, if that were true.

“Nike further salutes the three-time MVP with a special edition LEBRON 9 MVP shoe. Designed for elite performance and crafted with style, the LEBRON 9 MVP features striking Miami team colors. Gradient fades from red to black to comprise the upper with pops of yellow while details including an MVP logo on the heel and trophies printed on the sockliner mark the award. This special LEBRON 9 MVP shoe was made specifically for James, but a very limited amount will be brought to market next month.” (Via Pro Basketball Talk)

Oh thank goodness, for a second I was worried that Nike wouldn’t profit from this. I can only hope a few pairs are sent to my local mall again so more people will riot over them. In the meantime, I hope that James will accept this special pair of With Leather Nikes that I personally designed for him to show our appreciation for his stellar season.

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