Noah Syndergaard May Never Recover After Getting Burned On Twitter By Mr. Met

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Baseball fans should be stoked for what Noah Syndergaard is going to do in 2017. The Mets’ 24-year-old ace is among the most intimidating pitchers in the majors, coming in at 6’6, 240 pounds with some of the most electric stuff that any pitcher on earth possesses.

The issue, however, is that Syndergaard’s psyche may have gotten messed up after he got dunked on by Mr. Met. Athletes getting clowned isn’t too strange, but for a player of Syndergaard to get embarrassed by the team’s mascot, well, that’s just on another level.

Mr. Met posted a tweet where he made fun of a picture of a young Thor. It featured a cringe-worthy but silly Valentine’s Day pun that involved Syndergaard’s first name.

All looks good, right? Well, Syndergaard – who is apparently in a relationship – decided to let Mr. Met know that he is taken. His issue was he left the door open for Mr. Met to reply to him with something silly.

See that last sentence? That was all Mr. Met needed to dunk all over the Mets’ ace.

OH DAMN MR. MET YOUR MOM’D NOAH SYNDERGAARD. Poor Thor tried to fire back with a gif, but it was all for naught, because he was just trolled by a baseball with a face on it.

Sorry, Thor. You just got got by a mascot. You may be able to throw a fastball that hits triple digits and a breaking ball that devastates everyone who sees it, but there’s no coming back from losing a Twitter battle with Mr. Met.