09.27.07 11 years ago 36 Comments

The U.S. Women's National Team was slaughtered by Brazil 4-0 in today's semifinal of the Women's World Cup.  An own goal by the Americans and goals from Christiane and all-world Marta (who found the back of the net twice) provided more than enough scoring to get the Brazilians into the final against… um, some other country?

But the real story (aside from some spotty officiating) was American coach Greg Ryan's decision to bench starting goalie and attractive blonde Hope Solo for aging former starter and proven boner-killer Briana Scurry.  Ryan defended his decision, but Miss Solo was NOT happy about the bench time:

"It was the wrong decision and anyone who knows anything about the game knows that," Solo said in a TV interview after the game. "There's no doubt in my mind I would have made those saves."

If there's anything I've proven time and again writing this site, it's that attractive people make better athletes.  In fact, we're better at doing pretty much everything.  It's just one more case of good-looking people suffering from discrimination because we're a minority.  Attractivist assholes.

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