North Korea Is Recruiting Global Pro Wrestling Icons For A Huge Summer Event

The problem with being the all-powerful and invincible dictator of the world’s most influential and dominant nation is that eventually you’re going to become bored with even your closest celebrity best friends. Not content with simply claiming Dennis Rodman as his BFF, Kim Jong-Un and his fiercely loyal and not at all terrified government officials have announced that North Korea will play host to a huge international professional wrestling event in August, and there will be “world-renowned pro-wrestlers” from the United States and Japan in attendance. Make sure to book your hotel room in Pyongyang now, Ric Flair.

Former Japanese wrestler and current politician Kanji “Antonio” Inoki is heading up the search with the chair of North Korea’s International Martial Arts Games Committee, according to the Associated Press, as Inoki has quite the history of “diplomacy” with the politically isolated nation. Basically, he has a tendency to travel there every now and then without the permission of his government. They don’t like that very much. Still, this is less about what other governments may or may not like and more about inviting people to North Korea for its beautiful sites and attractions.

Despite the recent high-profile arrests and detentions of foreign tourists, impoverished North Korea is keen to earn cash revenue by boosting tourism. It has highlighted group tours to major arts performances or attractions the country wants to show off.

North Korea has announced plans to create special trade and tourism zones. It has also unveiled its first luxury ski resort, aimed largely at luring ski enthusiasts from abroad.

Earlier this year it allowed foreign amateur runners to compete for the first time in the annual Pyongyang marathon. (Via the AP/HuffPo)

I think it’s clear what needs to happen here. Kim Jong-Un is already besties with Dennis Rodman, so they’ll need to recruit Diamond Dallas Page, Karl Malone and Hulk Hogan to come to North Korea and reenact that horrible tag team match from Bash at the Beach in 1998. They’re all older now, so they’re probably better, right? I mean, there’s no way that Dennis Rodman would look too tired to even stand if they had that match now. He can probably still spit in DDP’s face like a 40-year old.