North Texas Faked A Fair Catch And Returned A Punt For A Touchdown Against Arkansas

09.15.18 9 months ago

When a Group of 5 team is able to take down a Power 5 squad, you can usually expect some combination of turnovers, trickery, and a special teams touchdown or two to play a role. A North Texas player threw two of those three things together on Saturday afternoon to score against Arkansas, giving us perhaps the best play we’ll see in college football this week.

The Razorbacks punted in the first quarter down 7-0, and on his return, Mean Green receiver Keegan Brewer was able to waltz into the end zone untouched. The thing is Brewer probably should have been lit up by someone on Arkansas’ return team, but put forth one hell of an acting job.

Brewer fielded the punt on his own 10, then stood there and acted like he called a fair catch. The thing is Brewer didn’t do that, so once every Arkansas player around him started walking to their sideline, he took off. Ninety yards later, it was a 14-0 game.

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