07.26.09 9 years ago

Alberto Contador won the Tour de France for the second time today, capping a dominating three-week performance.  His Astana teammate, some guy named Lance Armstrong, finished third.

Over nearly 3,500 kilometers and 21 stages of races over three weeks, Contador repelled many challenges in the mountains, excelled in the two time-trials — winning a pivotal race against the clock in the 18th stage — and won the first Alpine stage.

Contador, the 2007 champion, also had to battle a rearguard action [hee hee! – Ed.] within his Astana team, where the comeback of Armstrong to the Tour after 3 1/2 years of retirement raised questions about who would be the team leader. [source]

This concludes With Leather’s cycling coverage until next year, unless Armstrong bangs Megan Fox or someone tries to have sex with a bicycle.  Hey, don’t scoff.  It’s happened before.

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