Nuggets’ Kenneth Faried Drops The Best First NBA Bucket Ever

In Kenneth Faried’s first game, he had four rebounds and zero points. In his second, he takes an incredible no-look alley-oop from reserve guard Rudy Fernandez and skies above a defeated Jimmer Fredette to put a f**king exclamation point on the Nuggets 110-83 rout of the Sacramento Kings.

It ranks somewhere between “the first sip of oasis water when you’ve been crawling through the desert” and “losing your virginity to Kate Upton” on the scale of how great the first of something can be. This is the kind of stuff I pretended to be doing when I was 13 and dunking on a seven-foot rim.

Tom Ziller of SB Nation offers further analysis:

I can’t wait until Faried and Nene start appearing together. We won’t know which braided superathlete it is flying through the air!